Selling Information

Why Harrods Property Agents?

Harrods Property Agents has been selling in the Blacktown and surrounding areas Since 1958 and we treat both you and your property with utmost respect. When it comes to selling one of your most valuable assets, selecting a reputable agency with an outstanding, long-term track record, is essential.  We provide you with a level of service and expertise over and above what is required when it comes to buying and selling property.  Expertise at the point of negotiating a price between buyers and sellers; expertise in marketing your property to gain maximum buyer interest; expertise in your local market area; expertise in understanding the current marketplace to make sure your property is placed in a competitive selling position whilst achieving a maximum selling price.  We give you sound, unbiased advice based on facts and years of experience.


There is no better recommendation than a satisfied client.  At Harrods Property Agents a high proportion of our clients are people who have achieved outstanding results with us in the past.  They keep returning to us for the sale or purchase of a second or third property and we value their loyalty.  Having people refer their friends, family and business colleagues to us on a regular basis are an indicator of how we are perceived and respected as Estate Agents in the area.

Harrods Property Agents has a long-established reputation for achieving outstanding results.  We have an unmatched history of sales’ successes over 52 years with past and present record prices in Blacktown.  At Harrods Property Agents we continue to set new benchmarks in achieving premium prices, high standards of service and quality marketing campaigns.

Some of our sales include:

Meurants Lane Glenwood $26,000,000 (Tuscan Waters Estate)

Patrick Street Blacktown  $22,000,000   (Patrick Mall)

Flushcombe Road  Blacktown  $11,000,000 (RTA Building)

Some of our corporate appointments have been Blacktown City Council, NSW Department Of Housing, The RTA, St George, Westpac, National Australia Bank, The Commonwealth Bank and The NSW Home Purchase Assistance Authority.
Innovative Marketing Techniques

Harrods Property Agents are recognised as high quality agents offering comprehensive marketing programs to ensure success when buying and selling Real Estate.  We understand that every property is different and each requires a carefully planned and tailored marketing program to achieve outstanding results. We understand the ultimate success is only possible if all aspects of the marketing program are properly managed and presented in the most professional way.